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  • Get A HELOC After Closing & Recoup Some Funds! March 16, 2017 by Justin Miller - We are now offering Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) that can be taken out after the closing where you plan to close with 20% down and wan to recoup that 10% back.
  • Fed Increases The Fed Funds Rate & Mortgage Rates Drop! March 16, 2017 by Justin Miller - Many think that because the Federal Reserve raised the Federal Funds rate by .25% yesterday that it means interest rates went up by .25%. That is not the case! Mortgage rates actually went down almost .25%.
  • Even Warren Buffett Has A Mortgage March 6, 2017 by Justin Miller - "When I bought it for $150,000, I borrowed some money from Great Western Savings and Loans. So I probably only had $30,000 of equity in it or something like that – it's the only mortgage I've had for fifty years," Buffett said.

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Justin Miller

Meet Justin Miller

Justin Miller is a professional Mortgage Banker/Branch Manager who sets the bar in his industry for knowledge and service. He has been featured in Florida Trend magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and on Donny Deutche’s Big Idea.




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The Miller team was fantastic in every way. This was the 10th property I have purchased and I only wish I had used Justin and his team for the other 9. Even as the process dragged on (no fault of Justin’s) and I got a little frustrated the team never waivered. I felt as if everyone at the firm was always working hard for me.
Chris Daniel
My experience with this company was priceless. Everyone was focused on me becoming a homeowner and guided me through every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home for the rest of my life. Respectful, thoughtful, responsible and productive. Great company!
Kathy Hepburn
This was the best experience I’ve had with working with a professional in any industry or area of expertise. We had everything we needed when we needed it.
Othniel Taylor

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