First Time Homebuyers, Now's The Time To Buy

I heard a conference call recently where the realtor that was hosting it commented “that you are not buying the market, you are buying a home in a certain area that is best for you.”  The bottom line is just because values are down in your city, state, county, etc. doesn’t mean that mean that is going to happen to the neighborhood you are buying in. 
Below is a great article about a couple buying in Chicago and the gentleman comments that “However, I quickly discovered that a 10% drop in Chicago didn’t necessarily translate into a similar decline in the neighborhoods where we wanted to live, where prices have held relatively steady. We were interested in three areas: Lakeview, with its tree lined streets, multiple elevated train lines and throngs of stores and restaurants. Wicker Park, once ruled by artsy hipsters but slowly being overtaken by the stroller-pushing set. We also decided to check out a couple of options close to downtown, where condos were smaller but I might be able to walk to work.”