Is It Better To Pay Cash or Get A Mortgage?

My logic was that right now since rates are so low it is worth it especially since inflation will kick in, rates will start to rise, and so will money market and CDs.  My logic is right however the article below makes some great points and some that I have never thought about.  Yep, I’m human and believe it or not I make mistakes haha. 

Here is one of the examples I am referring to.  To write off mortgage interest, you must itemize deductions. And that means forgoing the standard deduction that everybody gets, whether they rent, own, or live in a box.

For a couple filing jointly, the standard deduction is $10,900. That’s about the same as the interest and property taxes on a $220,000 home (Assuming a 20% down payment, a mortgage at 5%, and 1% property taxes). So your tax breaks on home ownership are only valuable if the value of your home is above that.