Chinese Drywall

This is very scary.  Obviously if you have to either ruin your child’s life or your credit by walking away, you choose your credit.  It sounds like there are lawsuits and being investigated by numerous agencies. 


“The Cramers—along with thousands of other homeowners in Florida and elsewhere—now believe that imported Chinese drywall is making them sick and destroying their property. The drywall, which is used in walls and ceilings, is emitting sulfur-compound gases that homeowners have described as giving off a sour or “rotten egg” odor. Many blame the fumes for eye, skin and breathing irritation and nosebleeds, as well as the corrosion of copper pipes, electrical wiring and air conditioners.

The Cramers say if government tests conclude the Chinese drywall is a health hazard, they will be left with a difficult choice: “We will have to either ruin our son’s life by staying, or ruin our credit by walking away from the home,” says the 34-year-old Mr. Cramer.”