Best Places To Retire

Miami is shown as one of the 25 best places to retire.  I had a feeling a city of South Florida would be on the list because of the great weather, beaches, and low real estate prices.  I cannot get over how low prices are and what you can get for under $200,000. 

I know I say now is the time to buy but again, it isn’t for everyone.  Just because prices are low doesn’t mean you have to buy.  It’s almost like a sale at a retail store, you don’t need everything you are buying but you feel you need to do it now because of “the great deals.”  But in the end you end up spending more money and never using half the crap you bought.  Okay, I’m not sure how good that analogy is but it’s all I’ve got for now. 

“Like the rest of Florida, Miami has been devastated by plummeting real-estate values, but that means opportunists can find luxury condos and art deco homes at a deep discount. Florida has no income tax, but property taxes can be high.”