The Reality Of The Housing Market

The great part about the article below is that it has an example of a real estate agent in South Florida, Aventura to be exact.  The article talks about the loads of paperwork that buyers have to provide for a mortgage.  I have been telling my clients that Throughout the process of buying a home there will be many things that are requested of you that you either do not feel you need to provide, do, or don’t understand it.  None of these items are difficult to obtain or complete but they most likely will require asking for them upfront along with additional things later.

Always feel free to ask questions because that is what I am here for but all of this is due to you having to pay for other individuals, banks, realtors, brokers, loans officers, consumers, and attorney’s mistakes.  That being said, these mistakes have enabled you to have the opportunity to profit from it.  You are able to buy a home at an artificially deflated value, get an interest rate at 30 year lows, and possibly qualify for the $8,000 first-time homebuyers tax credit (free money).  For that, I ask for your full and complete cooperation throughout the home buying process.  This will make everything go smoother and faster.  All of us involved in your transaction need to be on the same team with the same mission; close your loan as easy and fast as possible.

“Now, lenders pore over bank statements, tax returns and job histories. The average mortgage application today starts three times thicker than what it was at the start of the housing boom, and often gets thicker as the process drags on.”