Renters Being Evicted

This is scary.  The homes that some are renting are getting 5 day eviction notices to vacate the home because it is being foreclosed on a couple days after they paid rent.  Now I have read that Fannie Mae has been becoming a landlord and letting tenants stay in their lease but I guess some of these renters aren’t lucky enough to be renting a Fannie Mae foreclosure.

Here is a crazy example.  “Another trend on the rise is evictions of single-family homes that are occupied by dozens of people. The harder the slump, the more people cram in together. “You get in there and where you think you have two to three people, turns out you’ve got 25,” said Figueroa. “I had that in the city of Brea where I was pulling people out of closets and rooms in a four-bedroom, two-bath home.”