Credit Scores

The article below has some good information on credit scores.  The most important part of the article to me is below.  Many don’t know this or understand it.  I don’t even understand it but it is the way it is.  The bottom line is to keep your balances low, pay on time, and I recommend monitoring your credit with all of the fraud out there these days. 


The score I pay for or get for free is my real score.

Most free scores are not the FICO scores that lenders request. You can buy FICO scores from Equifax and TransUnion—but not Experian—on for $15.95 each, but even then, they may not be the exact score the lender actually sees. You can, however, see each of your three credit reports—which include all the activity that is used to determine your score, but not the score itself—for free once a year by going to Because your scores aren’t likely to vary by much, ongoing tracking services are usually unnecessary.