Delays Getting Your Tax Credit

This should come as no surprise considering a lot of talk about fraud.  The article below shows the 3 reasons for the holdups.

#1 – The IRS lost some returns, WOW.

#2 – Some people are getting too much money

#3 – Fraud

“That’s true whether you plan to claim the credit on your 2009 return, or you’ve amended your 2008 tax return to get your refund sooner. Either way, get ready to wait. TaxMama has been hearing from people whose amended returns were filed as far back as June or July who are still waiting for their money.”

They are reviewing everything a lot closer now.  Here is a good tip:

“If you’ve been waiting on your refund for more than six weeks and have not heard from the IRS, call them now at (800) 829-1040. Have them find the group that is working on your original or amended tax return. Get the group number and address and send them all the proofs of purchase they could possibly want, to speed up the process. (Or if they can’t find your return, see solution to Problem No. 1, above.) Send the information by certified mail, and make sure it’s received.”