Home Improvement Costs Are Down

The whole US is on sale.  It doesn’t matter what you are buying, most things are cheaper today.  This is a good thing seeing as many of the homes people may buy, especially in South Florida, are foreclosures and short sales that need work.  A lot of the properties need some work.  This is partly why you are buying the home at such a large discount.  Make sure you get a good home inspector to check EVERYTHING because you don’t want to get hit with “hidden costs” down the road. 

This is also nice for those who want to stay put in their homes and they are outdated.  Now is the time to do the work.  It is also a great time for preventive maintenance.  It’s almost like going to the dentist every 6 months, it costs you less in the long run. 

“Depending on the region and the job, some homeowners are paying as much as 20% less for home-remodeling projects than they would have a few years ago. Many contractors are willing to accept smaller jobs and “handyman” projects that they used to snub. And more projects are being delivered on time and on budget—a stark contrast from the boom years.”