What’s Your Credit Score?

Many people think they know their credit scores prior to applying for a loan because they pulled it from an internet site.  Well, what we as lender’s pull can be different than what you find out online.  I recommend getting a copy of your credit report from your lender because what we pull is the most important. 

The correct credit score is from FICO.  “It you want your actual FICO score, it will cost you. A single FICO score plus a credit report is $15.95 at MyFico.com. At AnnualCreditReport.com, you can get a free credit report every 12 months from each of the credit-reporting companies. If you go through that site, Equifax will give you a FICO score for $7.95; TransUnion and Experian will provide the Vantage Score for $7.95. TransUnionCS.com sells a TransUnion credit report plus FICO score for $14.95.”