Florida Foreclosure Disputes Require Mediation

This sounds like a great idea to me especially since a lot of banks lose paperwork and just can’t get their act together when it comes to loan modifications and short sales.  Time ends up running out on a lot of people who are trying to get help and the property ends up in foreclosure. 

I don’t know why everything that really makes sense to improve our current housing crisis takes so long to implement when so many of us have been talking about this for the past year.  The worst in my opinion is for those who bought a property in 2008 and got the $7,500 that has to be repaid.  How is that fair?  I guess it’s not, and I guess we have to realize that life just sometimes is unfair. 

“It guarantees homeowners will have an audience with their lender to discuss whether a loan modification or short sale is an option instead of foreclosure. It also means lenders will be doing more work on the front end of the foreclosure process, and paying for it.  Judges say they often hear homeowners complain that they couldn’t reach their lender or that their paperwork was repeatedly lost.”