Don’t Be Complacent With Interest Rates

That’s what the Fed’s Kohn said and I agree 100% with him.  Kiplinger predicts that rates will be at 6% towards the end of the year.  No one knows what will happen and as I have said time and time again what we do know is that interest rates are at historic lows now.

Don’t wait around because it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  If you are in a low adjustable rate you should refinance now if you plan on staying in the home.  I know that some have rates in the 2 and 3 percents which is great but don’t wait around. 

When the Fed stops buying at the end of March rates will most likely go up.  It might not be by a full percentage but they will probably be higher.  We have seen what greed has done to our economy so don’t let it happen to you.