Homebuilders Battle Back

And they are doing this by driving their prices down to stay competitive with foreclosures along with warning against the hidden costs of foreclosures.  That is a great argument seeing as so many have gotten burnt already with foreclosures and I fear that in years to come there are going to be a lot of title issues that pop up when they go to sell their home.  I hope they are wrong but too many aren’t dealing with professionals and getting attorney representation.  At the very least paying an attorney should give you piece of mind. If you need someone good in the South Florida area please do not hesitate to contact me so I can put you in touch.

“Builders can afford to lower their prices now in part because land is much cheaper. They’re also able to squeeze their suppliers and subcontractors harder. Housing starts are running at less than a third of the 2005 level, making suppliers and subcontractors eager for orders and willing to work for less.