Mortgage Bond Securitization May Revive

But it will be slowly.  More and more players will get back into the game.  I think Rob Chrisman, who I got this article from, said it best:

“What is the American Securitization Forum? Darned if I know, exactly, but they were meeting in Washington DC and came out with a statement conjecturing that non-agency product (a $1.2 trillion market 4-5 years ago, $25 billion in ’08 and $44 billion in ’09) may start to be securitized again later this year. The reason? There’s more talk about it this year than last! Right now, however, jumbo loan production is pretty small, and profit margins are pretty slim since jumbo rates aren’t all that much higher than agency rates. (I have an idea! Let’s split the pools into tranches, and then have Wall Street work with the rating agencies… oh, never mind, I guess we tried that.) As I mentioned yesterday, banks are holding onto this product, but if other buyers materialize and the loans can be sold at profits, things could loosen up. Whole loan packages and syndications of interests in pools of loans may be steps in the right direction.”