Taking The Stress Out Of Buying A Home

I am not trying to toot my own horn but toot, toot.  I have been saying for months now that you need to get pre-qualified ahead of time and educate yourself on the home buying process.  This is one of the biggest assets or liabilities you will ever have. 

A year or so ago I read Jim Cramer’s book “Stay Mad For Life” which is just about saving money for retirement and making smart decisions in your life.  I called one of my good friends up and told him he needs to read it because the book is all about him.  My friend doesn’t make a lot of money but is very smart with his money.  Since the $8,000 tax credit another fried of ours who is a realtor in PA has been trying to push him to buy a house to get the tax credit.  He is in a better financial position than 75% of the people I know buying a home right now and he said he isn’t buying until closer to the end of this year.  He called me 2 weeks ago to get some rough estimates on a payment and closing costs.

My friend may plan further than most in advance but hopefully you get my point.  This getting pre-qualified hours or a day prior to looking at homes is why we are in this position.  We should not be rushing home buyers to get out and look at homes.  We need to educate them first.