What Documentation Is Required For A Mortgage?

Explaining this could take awhile so I will try to keep it brief.  It is tough to determine where to begin so I guess I will start by saying you need to be prepared to be cooperative with your mortgage professional.  If they ask for something just get it.  It will make everything go much smoother. 

If you are refinancing and one person is telling you how you don’t have to provide much and another is telling you do, start running from the person who is making it sound like there is nothing that is needed. 

Now don’t be scared, it isn’t anything that is difficult.  It will just be a lot of paperwork.  For example, if you bank statements show a deposit that we cannot determine where it came from we will need an explanation and proof of it. 

Some of the documents that you will most likely need to get a mortgage are your 2 most recent paystubs, past 2 years tax returns with all schedules and pages, past 2 year W-2s, 2 most recent statements for any and all assets, and a copy of your driver’s licenses and social security card.  If any document says pages 1 of whatever we need all pages even if it is blank.