Broward County Property Tax Bills Will Start Going Out August 13th

TRIM Notices of proposed 2010 property taxes start going out on August 13th.  This week taxing authorities will tell the property appraisers office of their proposed 2010 rates.  These are proposed tax rates, not the final ones.  However they normally are right on.

If you are purchasing a home right now you will still have to go off of the 2009 tax rates until the 1st week in November.   So if the current tax rate is lower we will use that one and visa versa.

When you are buying a property that will be your primary residence your Homestead Exemption won’t kick in until the end of the following year, the end of 2011, because you pay taxes in arrears.  At that time your property will be assessed off of your purchase.  Notice I say your purchase and not your purchase price.  Here is the disclaimer from Broward County Property Appraiser’s site:

Note: If your purchase price was from a FORECLOSURE not sold on the open market through the MLS listings, your actual purchase price is not considered a “qualified sale” and does not reflect the just (market) value used for determining your assessment. If this applies, you should enter the reasonable market price of a sale of a similar home in a similar area sold on the open market to more accurately use this calculator. And, for all users, remember this is only an estimate based upon the millage rates of the current tax year. As the Property Appraiser does NOT set the tax rates, we cannot give any guidance as to whether the property tax rates in your area will go up or down in the next tax year.

If you would like to estimate what your taxes will be you can go to  For information on filing your Homestead and to file your Homestead to go