Loan Modification Help Coming To South Florida

If you know of anyone in need of a loan modification I would recommend for them to attend this event.

The nonprofit Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America — hero to the struggling homeowner, bully to big banks — said it will conduct its third South Florida mortgage counseling extravaganza Aug. 27-31 in West Palm Beach. 

The Boston-based group touts an 80 percent success rate, crediting much of the achievement to hundreds of bank representatives who attend its programs and meet face-to-face with homeowners. 

There was an article back in December about this and 80% that were expected to receive workouts within weeks according to CNNMoney. 

“Wynn was able to get his modification at a “Save the Dream” event offered by the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) in New York City last Friday. Lenders from nearly all the major banks and servicers were in attendance and promising to restructure loans based on what borrowers could afford. As a result, many homeowners walked in with their mortgage problems and walked out with solutions. In fact, according to Bruce Marks, NACA’s founder, 40% of attendees left with decisions the same day. About 80% are expected to receive workouts within weeks. His organization has already hosted about 400,000 borrowers at more than a dozen of these events.”