Why Someone Will Never Own A Home Again

Some may wonder why I would post an article like this since it is negative about homeownership and that is how I make my money.  The answer to that is it’s because I want to make sure whoever is buying a home knows what they are getting into.  Too many rush the home purchase and feel because they pay $1,000 in rent per month that they can afford to pay the same for a mortgage.   There are additional expenses that come with owning a home.

A home should be viewed as a lifestyle, not an investment.  Of course it can end up being both but your primary residence is just that, where you live.   The reasons he includes in this article should be taken very seriously if you are in the market for buying a home.  Don’t just go out and buy a home because all of the headlines state that it has never been this affordable to own with prices down and interest rates at historic lows.   There are just as many good reasons to own a home but don’t just read the headlines that you want to read and that make you feel good about what you are doing.  Every buyers situation is different.