Your Fort Lauderdale Mortgage Banker Wants To Say "YES!"

The timing of this article couldn’t be better because my main goal going forward is to educate everyone involved in the real estate transaction about what is needed for a loan and how we as mortgage professionals don’t want to ask for it as much as a borrower doesn’t want to give it.  But it has to be done.

The sooner we all accept this the smoother the transaction will go.  It’s hard enough getting an FHA or Conventional loan in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida to have to add arguing back and forth about why something is needed.  There is a reason for everything, believe me.

Many don’t understand why a borrower’s tax transcripts are pulled and why it must be done or why they must be stamped by a local IRS office.  It’s because you can give me a tax return with higher income and get that return Amended or file a different return with less income and a larger tax refund.

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