26 Things That Will Affect Your Fort Lauderdale Mortgage

I can’t tell you how often I get a call or hear someone say that they are shopping and want to know what my interest rates are.   There is much more to a loan then just an interest rate but there is much more to an interest rate then just your credit score and down payment.  Let’s go through the 26 items:

  1. Loan Amount
  2. Loan to Value
  3. Combined Loan to Value
  4. Credit Score
  5. Credit History
  6. Escrow Preference
  7. Closing Date
  8. Loan Type
  9. Property Type
  10. Occupancy Type
  11. Residency
  12. Available Assets
  13. Asset Seasoning
  14. Co-borrowers
  15. Debt to income ratio
  16. Housing to income ratio
  17. Improvements Needed
  18. Employment Type
  19. Employment History
  20. Documentation Available
  21. Transactional DI
  22. Re-castable
  23. Relocation
  24. Seller Contributions
  25. Gifts
  26. Cash-out