Can You Have Success Without Risk?

Tony Robbins seems to think not.  It was probably one of the most powerful things I took from his seminar and I was reminded by it from the Blog post on titled “When Did Americans Start Playing It Safe?”

“Companies, politicians and the American people have to get back to dreaming and doing the right thing. This country has always been a place where, if you work hard, your dreams can come true. That is still true today.”

If it were easy everyone would be doing it and everyone did buy a home and that’s why we are in a recession with this unbelievable buying opportunity.  Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffet’s mentor) said when people are greedy be fearful and when people are fearful be greedy and it’s true. 

Now don’t just read this article and think you should be buying a home.  Now isn’t the right time to buy for everyone.  Everyone is different and should be treated that way.  If you are secure with your job, plan on owning the home for 10 years, have money in reserves, are maxing out your retirement, etc, etc. now is a good time to buy.