What's Most Important When Choosing Who To Use For A Mortgage?

That’s a tough question.  Although the institution you are using is part of it they are only as good as the person they employ.  My opinion is that the most important part isn’t the interest rate or the fees but making sure you are working with an expert and someone you can trust.

Unfortunately too many people choose their Mortgage Banker or Broker based on their rates and fees and when you do that you can get burnt.  The interest rate you are quoted means nothing.  It’s the interest rate you get locked in at that is.  No matter what product or service you need in life you will be able to find it cheaper somewhere but anytime you gain something you are giving up something.  You really do get what you pay for in life.  If you were getting surgery done would you want the cheapest doctor?  I know I don’t.

So how do you find out if this person is honest and an expert?  Most times you are referred to this person which is better than randomly calling someone but doesn’t mean that they are the best.  I suggest doing some research and Google their name to see what you can find and learn about that person.

Times have changed and although everyone in the past was always told to shop for a mortgage whether that was the best thing to do previously or not times have changed and I don’t think that holds true today.   The more you shop the more you will confuse yourself and you might just get stuck with the biggest liar.

Be very careful especially if you are looking for a mortgage in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida because I swear everytime I look at my RSS Feed their is another person getting caught for running a Ponzi scheme.  Fort Lauderdale and South Florida are top in the country for mortgage fraud too.

I am always happy to review anything mortgage related whether you intend on using my services or not and I can promise you I will give you a straight answer.