How To Choose Your Lender

Although I continue to touch on this topic I wanted to post what had to say about “How To Pick Your Lender” because it can be perceived that I am biased when you are deciding on your Fort Lauderdale and South Florida lender. 

The 3 things they want you to consider are:

  1. What Company It is
  2. How the company operates
  3. The individual loan officer

“Too many people stay focused on quoted rates and fees and neglect to see the whole picture of what is needed from a lender. Look for great communication, superior information and education, understanding of the local market and someone who looks at your application as something more than a number. Be prepared to pay a little more to get a better experience (even though it might not cost you any more)….in the long run, lowering stress can be more important.”

These are the 3 things I continue to comment on and what you also need to consider when choosing who you want to work with.