Credit Complaints & Where To Take Them

I am not an expert by any means when it comes to disputing items on your credit report but I did recently read something interesting in Kiplingers magazine about credit complaints.

Normally you have to take hyour complaints to the credit card company itself or dispute it at,,/ or   Now the article states tht the Consumer Protection Bureau has opened a one-stop complain center for all credit card related issues.  In order to register you will need to go to their home page at and click “Submit a Credit Card Complaint.”

“Once you have registered your complaint, you can check its status online.  If the issuer does not respond in a timely manner and resolve teh complaint satisfactorily, and the CFPB receives a number of similar complaints, it will likely launch an investigation.  It’s too soon to tell how well this complaint process will work, but we’ll keep you posted.”