The Reasons For Owning A Home








I hate to sound cliché but I truly help my clients own the American Dream.  Notice a say a “home” and not a “house.”  A house is an investment that you rent out or flip.  A home is a lifestyle. does a great job of highlighting the reasons for owning a home.

“The top four reasons people buy a home are:

  1. It means having a good place to raise children and provide them with a good education
  2. To have a physical structure where their family feels safe
  3. It allows for more space for their family
  4. It gives them control over what they do with their living space including renovations and updates.”

“A major benefit to homeownership is community. There is a greater sense of community among homeowners than there is with renters. Studies have shown that homeowners have a higher participation in local volunteer activities; participate more in local political activities and organizations; have higher voting rates; and are more involved in self-help activities (like the PTA and neighborhood crime watches) than those who rent. Homeowners do not move as frequently as renters, therefore providing more neighborhood stability. This helps reduce crime and support neighborhood upkeep and value.”

“There’s cost vs. price and you have to be able to look at the overall picture. Maybe the time to buy a home is in a difficult market. You shouldn’t be worried about price; you should be worried about cost. Cost is determined by price and interest rates. If the price falls but the interest rates go up, then cost may be greater. The price may sound good, but interest rates impact the cost in different ways. Even if prices fall, they would have to fall 10% to make up for just a 1% increase in interest rates to get the same mortgage payment.”