Florida Down Payment Assistance

If you looking are for down payment assistance for the purchase of your new home in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, or anywhere in the State of Florida then we are your experts for that.  There are multiple types of assistance but in this post we are going to talk about the Florida First and here are some highlights:

  • Up to $10,000 available
  • First Time Homebuyers only – someone who hasn’t owned their legal residence in the past 3 years.  Applies to the buyer and spouse even if the spouse isn’t going on the loan or deed.
  • 3 years of tax returns for all borrowers and spouses
  • You must have a minimum of a 640 middle credit score
  • Anyone who will be on the deed and spouse must complete the 8 hour homebuyer education.  You will want to set this up immediately.   Click here  to find an approved counseling agency in your area. Also, your lender may refer you to a counselor.
  • You must be within the Household income limits.  To find out the income limits for your County click on the link below, click on the First Time Homebuyer Program image in green, choose your County, and the Number of People Living in the Household:  www.floridahousing.org.  The household size is determined by the number of people  permanently residing in the property.