Fort Lauderdale Jumbo Loans

If you are looking for a Jumbo Loan (loans over $417,000) in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida you need to contact us today!  Not only do we have one of the most competitive Jumbo rates, we have multiple investors too.  Why is this important?  It’s not if an issue will arise during your loan but when and you need the flexibility of a Mortgage Bank like us to have multiple options for your loan.  For example, if you go to Wells Fargo and lock your loan in today at 4.5% but the property under appraises, something shows up on the appraisal that they don’t like, they are conservative with your income calculation, etc. and rates have risen you will have to start all over and lock in a higher rate.  Wells Fargo only has one product, their own.

Also, many have appraisal issues because their appraisers might not know the area or are new to the business.  The big banks appraisals tend to come in low which can cause your deal to fall through on your dream home.