Why Choose Us For Your Mortgage?

Now more than ever you have so many choices of who to use for your mortgage so determining who to go with can be a tough decision so let me share with you what we provide.

Here at Primary Residential Mortgage Inc, every loan is pre-underwritten not only with our own guidelines, but also with our competitors at the same time.  Unlike the major banks, we are not limited to only our own lending guidelines and programs.  Our in-house underwriters determine what programs are available to you on the market, which lender has the best rate and closing costs, and then we extend that program to you.  That means we shop our loan against our competitors’ for you, and give you whichever loan comes out with the best terms for you

We make sure to track the important dates. If a commitment, closing, appraisal, etc. date is missed you could lose the house and worst yet your deposit.