What It Takes To Close On a Home

Many people will tell you getting a mortgage is extremely difficult and I would be one to 2nd that however it is most times self-inflicted and something that can be prevented by planning in advance and using the right professionals. Most do not understand what is involved in buying a home until they are in middle of it and it’s too late.

The #1 thing someone should be doing is getting pre-approved in advanced and preferably 2 months or more in advance. This way we can go over any issues and what not to do such as not making any large deposits which can complicate the loan more than anything else.

The second thing you need to do is hire the right real estate agent, title attorney, and insurance agent. There are too many parties involved to not work with the right professionals who have worked together and have great working relationship.

Here is a great article from Inman.com that talks about the changes that are coming in August 2015 but also does a very good job about explaining everything that is involved in getting a mortgage today. “On average, there are 25 individuals working on a single closing, and each of them are affected to varying degrees if the deal falls through…..”