The Hardest Part of Buying a Home? Getting a Mortgage!

I am sure you have never heard that the hardest part to buying a car is getting a loan yet people treat buying a home the same way.  The majority of buyers think the most important part of the mortgage is the rate.  If that was the case you wouldn’t read articles like this one from stating how difficult it can be.

“Unless you’re one of the few lucky home buyers larded with old money, inheritance, recent wealth acquisition or the surname Trump (and, let’s face it, that one cuts both ways), you’re going to need a mortgage. It’s the entire tortuous home buying process, it’s perhaps the most intimidating and seemingly daunting step:  convincing a bank to hand you hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

It doesn’t have to be hard but you need to work with an expert and a mortgage company that wants to lend you money like us!